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For wellness, you don’t need to find a special time. It can be done when you are holidaying too. OSR naturopathy, 5* luxury naturopathy in india offers you the unique blend of luxury holiday and wellness both at a same time.

We brings to you, a complete health package; a fusion of, Ayurveda (the ancient Indian art of healing), Nature Cure (drugless cure), Yoga (Mind Body balance), Western Spa therapies (body detox) and multitude of relaxing therapies. The therapies are provided under the guidance of our Wellness experts in a hygienic, eco friendly and luxurious environment.

The time-tested holistic therapies not only guide you to preserve health and cure disease but also promote sound sleep and reduce the ageing process.

Healing occurs in a pleasing and timeless space that creates a sense of wellness, beauty and indulgence at the same time. Here every guest receives the highest quality treatments and serene experience. The surrounding Corbett environment allows people to relax, rejuvenate and pamper themselves at the same time.

How to deal with Stress Naturally ?

Stress is the single largest cause of most human body imperfections and is a major debilitating factor in our general well being.

How to lose weight Naturally ?

Being overweight has a social stigma attached like no other, and is a leading cause of a number of diseases that afflict our body.

How to increase your immunity system?

Our general lifestyle today induces innumerable toxins into our bodily functions, thereby reducing our efficacy in day to day life.