Private Parties

Best Resort For Private Parties

Plan an exemplary private party in a decorous setting

This is the season of joy, the season of outdoor parties and events, and we’re here with a list of events for your private parties…
With Refined Accommodations, Landscaped Botanical Garden, One of the Best DJ in town, Bonfire and Karaoke nights, Pool Side fun, Scrumptious Meals, Drinks and more, OSR Resorts embodies an everlasting essence of an ideal getaway for a Private Party   
Host your private parties  in full style, with lavish outdoor décor, one of the best catering and all that jazz!

Wedding Anniversaries

Whether you’re planning a 10-year anniversary party or a 50-year anniversary party, it is a great way to respect a couple’s time spent together. These anniversary celebrations not only bring back all your memories as a married couple, but they are also a chance to let the couple know how much they have inspired other couples with their never-ending love for each other.
We know how hard it can be to throw a grand party but, our team of professionals will help you plan the most amazing anniversary party! Keeping in mind the Beautiful Landscape of our resort, we can help you curate special themes that are fun and reflects the couple’s relationship. Our renowned Chef can help you in planning a customized food and drinks Menu. For Party decoration, props, Types of Entertainment and more our event planner will be of great help.

Office Parties

When hosting Private Corporate Parties like Success Party, Annual Party, Corporate Offsite, Conferences or Incentive Trips, choose a venue or a location that befits your company’s soiree. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind while planning the party, but the key element to consider is looking for a space that can comfortably house a large number of guests that will include event staff and other expected guests.
Our professional experts of event management will plan an itinerary that will give you a blueprint of the event, including the Menu, the décor and theme, types of entertainment and timings of the event. This itinerary will ensure that nothing will be out of place and all the things will run smoothly according to the plan as you expect them to be.

Birthday parties

From Kids to Teen to Adults, our team of expert event planners can help you with great deals and packages, we can also help you create a customized Birthday Party Package according to your preferences.
When planning kids’ birthday parties there’s are a lot of work that needs to be done: all the preparations, planning, decorations, cooking, entertainments during the party, and then cleaning up after the guests leave! .
Sounds tiring, right? Well, worry not!, For teens and adults, we understand how difficult it is to find the perfect place for your Birthday Celebration.
We at OSR Resorts can help you plan the Best Birthday for your Kid with lots of fun games, themes, props and decoration. The huge lawns can be the ideal place for adults as well as kids to dance, run, play and enjoy.


The college life has finally come to an end, now it’s the time for the most prestigious function of your life – the day you receive your diploma and throw your caps in air!
After all the hard work, this great milestone deserves a super great, fun party! What can be better than celebrating this special occasion with a special getaway trip?
From innovative, quirky outdoor décors to yummy graduation caps and diploma style desserts, our team of experts can help you get creative with party ideas.
We’re sure to help you find food, decoration and accommodation that’ll favour your budget and preferences.


A retirement party is the opportunity to celebrate the retiree’s past achievements as well as their future endeavours.
And, the best way to do so is with a retirement part as retirement is a huge milestone and is a cause for celebration!
The event can either be a casual event by the family members or a formal event by the official company.
The party can be anything you want it to be, from a Special Lunch amidst nature and picturesque views to A Gala Night to a Sporting Event to a Relaxing Getaway to a secluded place for a private celebration with your loved ones.
There is no particular protocol to the retirement party. The party can be anything that suits your interests. We’ll be happy to assist you and help you plan a rocking party! Feel free to contact us for any further information.


Before you get into that Bridezilla/ Groomzilla zone, you need a chiller, entertaining party to set your mood.
Spend the last few days of your singlehood with your best buds and enjoy a party of your own with music, dance, best friends and of course lots of entertainment.
Looking for an exotic destination for the party? It’s okay if you’re unable to make it to Bangkok or Thailand, this time make Nature your idyllic place with splendid outdoor premises and the serene surrounding forest.
From boozy drinks to irresistible meals to fancy decors and funky props, pamper your girlfriends or guy friends and yourself with the Best!
With a number of things to spice up the game, a scrumptious brunch followed by a relaxing spa. Plan the perfect Bachelorette Party amidst nature.

Baby shower

Are you planning a Baby Shower? Look no further, you’re at the right place.
From Great Food to Super Fun Games and Beautiful Decor, we guarantee you an unparalleled experience.
We can arrange games for all guests, games like Baby Bottle Chug. In this game we give every guest a baby bottle filled with their choice of drink – milk, juice, water, beer etc. They have to drink it as quick as possible, whoever finished first is the winner OR Don’t Break Momma’s Water game, in this game all the guests are supposed to make 2 lines, facing each other. The game is to throw and catch water balloons without making then burst, the couple who reaches the end stage, wins.
Apart from these games, there will be a lot of fun elements like a photo booth, some fun props cause these days it’s not a party without pictures.
We’ll come up with some fun hashtags for everyone so that you can check them all out on social media post baby shower.

Our team of fully trained waitstaff and professional experts will supervise all the aspects of your party as they possess the skills to run things perfectly. Plan your corporate Private Party  hassle free at OSR Resorts, we won’t disappoint you!